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Toy Town, your local toy store features lots of great exclusive toys like the ones featured here! We can help you choose age appropriate toys for the special children in your life. Our focus is on providing Casper, WY with a selection of toys not available in the big chain stores; toys that are cafefully constructed with safety and child development in mind.

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Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is one of the most talked about teething toys! Her success is legendary with millions and millions of units sold in Europe and worldwide since her creation in 1961.

Soft, light and easy to grasp, Sophie La Giraffe is perfect for little hands and makes a happy sound when squeezed. Babies especially love her bumpy head to sooth their teething gums.

In today’s fast paced world it is unusual to see a high production toy still made by hand. Proudly handmade in the French Alps with the finest rubber (phthalate-free) and food quality paints, Sophie will sure to become a favorite for your favorite baby.



Kites from WindNSun include sizes ranging from pocket kites to 36 inch and 78 inches. Over 50 different sizes, colors and styles such as Star Wars, Disney, 3D and event stunt kites. All kites have the strings included.



When we say Oball is “The Everybody Ball,” we really mean it! A ball full of finger holes that is incredibly easy to catch, captivating to hold, and safe to throw. Shiny, Smooth, Flexible, Durable and virtually Indestructible – Oball is the ideal ball in every situation.



The robotic creature that reacts to touch and sound. Everyone loves a Hexbug.

The HEXBUG is a robotic creature that changes direction in reaction to physical obstacles in its path and loud sounds. Just like a real bug, it skitters and draws attention. The only thing owners of Hexbugs are squeamish about is sharing their pets with others.



Rody hippity hop ride-on Horse! Made of super strong latex free vinyl, inflatable to adjust for the weight of child. A fun toy for ages 2-4. Great for developing balance and coordination skills. Made from durable non-latex vinyl.

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Games under 12

Toy Town carries old favorites like Candyland, Guess Who, Spot it, Camp, Sneaky Squirrel, Snail’s Pace, and Blockus.

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Games over 12

Toy Town carries many games that challenge older children and adults. You can find games such as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Wits and Wagers, 5 Crowns, Wizard, Apples to Apples, Pit, Monopoly, Stratego, Risk, Evolution, Killer Bunnies, Quiddler, Uno, Set, 5-second rule, Sequence, Family Feud, Clue, Redneck Life, Pictionary, and many more.